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do you support Hamas? you reblogged a video but seems you know nothing about what's going on in Israel. IDF NEVER hurts innocent people, they ALWAYS warn them and they do everything they can to prevent death of innocent people, however, Hamas is forcing civilians to stay in their place and act as human shields and that is the ONLY reason why innocent people die in Gaza.






I’m not sure if there is any point responding to you since you sound exactly like the shills that Israel pays to spread pro-Israel propaganda over the internet, but by the off chance that you’re just incredibly ignorant let me take you step by step into why this message is a load of BS:

  • "Do you support Hamas?" No, no I do not, I support the civilians living in the Gaza Strip. There is a huge difference. But you also forget that Hamas is not the only militant group in Gaza firing rockets at Israel (though Hamas is blamed for all of them). Hamas and their actions are not the key cause in this conflict (and how easily everyone seems to forget that Hamas was created BY ISRAEL to weaken the PLO)
  • "Seems you know nothing about what’s going on in Israel." This is not about what is going on in Israel, its about what is going on in GAZA (which will probably become Israel soon, if no one intervenes.) 3 innocents have been killed in Israel, 1,300 have been killed SO FAR and 4,000 wounded in Gaza. These numbers are incomparable and very telling of the larger picture. image
  • "IDF NEVER hurts innocent people, they ALWAYS warn them and they do everything they can to prevent death of innocent people" If you really believe that then you are beyond reason. The UN has condemned Israel for violating International Law by bombing evacuees IN THEIR SLEEP.  Or what about the 4 children playing on the beach killed by an Israel air strike? Are they not people to you? ( because they certainly are not to Israel lmao). What about the fact that Israel heavily regulates the supplies coming into Gaza, and has admitted to restricting the amount of calories each citizens get to PUT THEM ON A DIET. Have you not heard that Israel has violated the Geneva convention by raining down PHOSPHOROUS GAS ON GAZA?.And here is a video from a journalist in Gaza showing the IDF bombing an area after giving the inhabitants a 57 SECOND WARNING. 57 seconds to flee for your life! This are only the examples I came up with after 5 minutes of research, there are plenty more. Are these not “innocent people”who deserve basic humanity, not to be slaughtered in their own homes by an army that is a thousand times more equipped and funded then them?. 
  • "Hamas is forcing civilians to stay in their place and act as human shields and that is the ONLY reason why innocent people die in Gaza.". No, Hamas is ENCOURAGING people to stay in their places, and storing rockets in civilian areas (Humanitarian groups such as Amnesty International have debunked the Zionist propaganda that Hamas is using actual human shields). This is reprehensible, but consider the logistics of Gaza for a second: IT IS ONE OF THE MOST DENSELY POPULATED PLACES IN THE WORLD. There are about 1.6 Million people crammed into an area of 146 square miles. Thats TINY. If you launch an air strike into there, you are GOING TO HARM CIVILIANS. There is no way around it. This does not deter the IDF in the slightest. 

The bottom line is Israel is committing nothing short of Genocide against the civilians in Gaza, and the ultimate losses are not being felt by Hamas, but by innocent men, women and children. If that does not make you want to cry then I’m horrified quite frankly, and you do not deserve a response.

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It frightens me that people are making excuses for what is happening over there. No matter what the reason, there is no excuse. Fucking think back a minute and imagine all the reasons that were given for shipping Jews out of Germany and into concentration camps, bet there were people who believed every word their government told them about the reasons this “had to be done”. Can we not fucking learn?? JFC. It makes me so mad.

I can’t believe I forgot to add this to my main post because it is so fucking important: not only has the Israeli propaganda over Hamas using human shield been debunked, but there is actually numerous accounts and evidence of the IDF USING HUMAN SHIELDS SUCH AS AN ELEVEN YEAR OLD BOY. (Here, here, here, & here)

Please, everyone, do not believe what Fox News and other Zionist-funded news sources are telling you. There is only one true terrorist organisation here, and that is Israel.


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